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 Presenting the HighLineTV HD Television Antenna; the best way to get TV for FREE. Get your favorite programs and networks without making a commitment to a cable company. With its modern discreet design the HighLineTV allows you to watch high definition broadcast television for free. These aren’t your grandfathers bunny ears. This state of the art antenna offers 1080p HD and cuts right through the static you may experience with other antennas. There is never a need for pointing or moving the antenna to improve reception. Are you ready to access FREE TV?

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Our TV antenna Map below allows you about how many channels are available in your area. All you need to do is type in your zip code and it’ll show you what you’ll be able to get. Depending on environmental conditions the number of channels received may vary.

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Free Indoor HDTV Antenna 2018

With the HighLineTV  antenna, you can get all your local news, sports, and entertainment you love from your local TV channels.

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We know what you’re thinking  and yes it’s completely legal! Free local TV channels have been available for decades, but there hasn’t been a simple way to integrate these Free TV channels. With HighLineTV , you can easily get local channels in HD on TVs throughout your home. See what channels are available in your area by Clicking Here to use the FCCs website to find out more about your local TV networks.

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Crystal-clear local TV

Watching TV using the HighLineTV antenna isn’t just for getting free local television. Local channels are broadcasting in a super high-quality, uncompressed HD picture that lets you enjoy your hometown sports teams in crystal-clear quality.

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  • Enjoy 1080p High Definition reception through state of the art military grade technology
  • Highline TV will provide you an operational antenna whether you are 1 mile or 50 miles from a broadcast center
  • Dual band reception- VHF/UHF



  • Quick and easy 5-minute setup
  • You can place the antenna anywhere that is convenient. Adhesive tape is included so you can plug and play quickly!
  • With a conservative 12 inch by 12 inch design the HighlineTV Antenna will fit perfectly at home, in the office or on your RV for long summer road trips!
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