About Us


Hello! It’s Kelsey from HighLineTV where we are leading the over the air tv movement! The Highline TV antenna is design helps it pick up local channels better than traditional rabbit ears.

Our job at HighLineTV is simple – we are determined to protect consumers who have been screwed over by cable companies for years. We believe the era of expensive cable subscriptions is over. HighLineTV is out to spread the news that consumers will NOT be taken advantage of any longer. We will always provide our customers with the best digital antenna experience possible and never try and lock them up in a contract.


How do we accomplish this?

Our state of the art HD antenna accesses digital broadcast centers and makes acquiring a signal easy as pie! All major networks must provide a broadcast signal for customers who are not cable subscribers. When you install your HighLineTV antenna you will be using the best technology possible to receive a clear signal and the best part of course…it’s free!


We have had the same experience as you. A new billing cycle is about to begin and you get the dreaded cable bill. Now think to yourself for a second, how great would it be to never have that experience again? That relief and that feeling of responsibility and financial discipline is what we are offering at HighLineTV.

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At SafeFamilyProducts we pride ourselves on always putting the customer’s needs first. Our world class Customer Service Support Team is standing by to give you a hand!

Our Customer Service Support Team can be contacted Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM EST. Please see our Contact Us page to open a ticket

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Phone: (201) 844-8891
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Church Street Station
Po Box 2513
New York, NY 10008-2513

Local Channel Scan

This tool below will let you know how many local TV channels you can expect to get. Our tool does not include the sub-channels that you may get so you may get more channels than our tool says. You also may get less channels based on your location due to environmental factors.


FREE DELIVERY on all orders
100% Money back satisfaction guarantee
CUT THE CORD on cable and save $$$
24/7 Customer Support Available