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CBC is Canada’s leading public broadcaster. CBC TV blends Canadian TV shows and movies with some of America’s most popular syndicated programs. The company’s current list of shows includes: 21 Thunder, 22 Minutes, Absolutely Canadian, Anne with an E, Back in Time for Dinner, Baroness Von Sketch Show, Being Erica, Bellevue, Blackstone, Bondi Vet, Burden of Truth, But I’m Chris Jericho, Canada’s Smartest Person, Canada: The Story of Us, Canadian Reflections, Caught, Cavendish, Cracked, Coroner, Crawford, Coronation St., Diggstown, Dragon’s Den, Exhibitionists, Farm Crime, Frankie Drake Mysteries, From The Vaults, Heartland, Hello Goodbye, Hudson, Interrupt this Program, Kim’s Convenience, Land and Sea, Little Dog, Marketplace, Michael: Every Day, Mr. D, Murdoch Mysteries, Red Button, Republic of Doyle, Rick Mercer Report, Schitt’s Creek, Shoot the Messenger, Still Standing, Strange Empire, The Amazing Gayl Pile, The Book of Negroes, The Detectives, The National, The Fifth Estate, The Great Canadian Baking Show, The Nature of Things, The Passionate Eye, The Romeo Section, The Stats of Life, This Life, Under New Management, Unspeakable, Workin’ Moms, X Company, and You Can’t Ask That. To determine if there is a CBC station in your area, click on our TV Signal Locator Map.

What Channel is CBC?

Once you’ve found the channel in your area, be sure to use Highline TV’s TV Signal Locator Map to get the best signal. The TV Signal Locator Map allows you to tune in your Highline TV antenna in the direction of the CBC station nearest you. Don’t have a Highline TV Antenna? Our antennas feature state-of-the-art technology to help you get free TV at the highest quality. We have both indoor and outdoor solutions to help you get the best possible signal. Browse through these affordable antennas and start receiving FREE TV straight to your home – no subscription required!

TitlePermalinkNetwork AffiliationStateCityCountryVirtual ChannelRF Channel
CBRT-DTClick HereCBCAlbertaCALGARYCanada9
CBXT-DTClick HereCBCAlbertaEDMONTONCanada5
CKSA-TV-2Click HereCBCAlbertaBONNYVILLECanada2
CBCD-TV-2Click HereCBCBritish ColumbiaCHETWYNDCanada
CBCD-TV-4Click HereCBCBritish ColumbiaTAYLORCanada
CBUT-DTClick HereCBCBritish ColumbiaVANCOUVERCanada2
CFSC-TV-2Click HereCBCBritish ColumbiaSavonaCanada8
CH2045Click HereCBCBritish ColumbiaLoon LakeCanada8
CH2046Click HereCBCBritish ColumbiaLoon LakeCanada10
CH3083Click HereCBCBritish ColumbiaLogan LakeCanada34
CH4243Click HereCBCBritish ColumbiaNitinaht LakeCanada3
CH4306Click HereCBCBritish ColumbiaRedstone FlatCanada6
CH4425Click HereCBCBritish ColumbiaSeton PortageCanada13
CHHZ-TVClick HereCBCBritish ColumbiaHazeltonCanada9
CHMQ-TVClick HereCBCBritish ColumbiaMcClureCanada3
CIQR-TVClick HereCBCBritish ColumbiaBarriereCanada11
CKIB-TVClick HereCBCBritish ColumbiaLittle FortCanada12
CBWT-DTClick HereCBCManitobaWINNIPEGCanada6
CBAT-DTClick HereCBCNew BrunswickFREDERICTONCanada4
CBNTClick HereCBCNewfoundland and LabradorSt. John’sCanada8
CBHT-DTClick HereCBCNova ScotiaHALIFAXCanada3
CBLT-DTClick HereCBCOntarioTORONTOCanada5
CBOT-DTClick HereCBCOntarioOTTAWACanada4
CHEX-TV-1Click HereCBCOntarioBANCROFTCanada12
CHEX-TV-2Click HereCBCOntarioOSHAWACanada12
CKPRClick HereCBCOntarioThunder BayCanada2
CKWSClick HereCBCOntarioKingstonCanada11
CKWS-DTClick HereCBCOntarioKINGSTONCanada11
CKWS-DT-1Click HereCBCOntarioBRIGHTONCanada11
CKWS-TV-2Click HereCBCOntarioPRESCOTTCanada11
CBCT-DTClick HereCBCPrince Edward IslandCHARLOTTETOWNCanada13
CBMT-DTClick HereCBCQuébecMONTRALCanada6
CBKT-DTClick HereCBCSaskatchewanREGINACanada9
CFCZ-TVClick HereCBCYukonCarcrossCanada13
CFDB-TVClick HereCBCYukonDestruction BayCanada9
CFPC-TVClick HereCBCYukonPelly CrossingCanada13
CFTN-TV-1Click HereCBCYukonTeslinCanada13
CFYC-TVClick HereCBCYukonCarmacksCanada13
CH2952Click HereCBCYukonTagishCanada9
CH2986Click HereCBCYukonUpper LiardCanada9
CH4094Click HereCBCYukonKeno CityCanada13
CKRF-TVClick HereCBCYukonOld CrowCanada13
CKWH-TVClick HereCBCYukonWhitehorseCanada4
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