Cord Cutting Starter Guide

Starter guideHow to Get My Streaming Content?

Streaming Devices and Smart TVs

You may purchase a smart TV or opt for any Streaming Device such as the ones talked about priorly.

Tablets and Cell Phones

There are mobile apps offered in a few services. Generally, every service includes a list of the devices that are compatible and you can look at them before you subscribe to the service.

Screen Mirroring

There are limitations for set top boxes when it comes to what they can obtain from the web, given that apps must generally be developed for the content to get to them. A few content providers do not choose app development for the content that they beam.

To access online videos to your TV, consider such tools:

  • Roku (restricted to specific devices)
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • Plex

A software solution, Plex needs a set top box with an equivalent app for communication. Other than Plex, every solution needs another active PC that is transmitting information – such as a Mac PC in the case of Apple TV). It might not be a graceful solution, but better when compared to pairing a TV with a laptop. A cloud-based storage solution is offered by Plex.

Content-Viewing on PC

A few services, like CBS All Access, Sling TV and Netflix, let you log into their site as a subscriber. Most of the aforementioned free services also come with websites, just like many weather services and news providers. Lots of top broadcasting agencies unlock major episodes free on their websites for a specific time period. At times, you may pair your laptop / PC to your television through an HDMI cable for watching such services. It is based on the website or service.

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