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CTV is Canada’s leading private broadcaster. For the past 13 years, CTV’s blend of news, sports, information and entertainment programming has made it the most-watched television network in Canada. Owned by Bell Media (BCE Inc), CTV blends Canadian TV shows and movies with some of America’s most popular syndicated programs, as well as local news options. The company’s current list of shows includes The Amazing Race, The Amazing Race Canada, The Big Bang Theory, Blindspot, Blue Bloods, The Bold and the Beautiful, Ellen, Cardinal, Criminal Minds, Mary’s Kitchen Crush, Grand Hotel, American Ninja Warrior, Agents of Shield, Master Chef, Master Chef Canada, This Is Us, The Good Wife, The Social, Grey’s Anatomy, JANN, Your Morning and the $100,000 Pyramid featuring Michael Strahan. To determine if there is a CTV station in your area, click on our TV Signal Locator Map.

What Channel is CTV?

The following table shows all CTV stations by province. Once you’ve found the channel in your area, be sure to use Highline TV’s TV Signal Locator Map to get the best signal. The TV Signal Locator Map allows you to tune in your Highline TV antenna in the direction of the CTV station nearest you. Don’t have a Highline TV Antenna? Our antennas feature state-of-the-art technology to help you get free TV at the highest quality. We have both indoor and outdoor solutions to help you get the best possible signal. Browse through these affordable antennas and start receiving FREE TV straight to your home – no subscription required!

TitlePermalinkNetwork AffiliationStateCityCountryVirtual ChannelRF Channel
CITM-TVClick HereCTVBritish Columbia100 Mile HouseCanada3
CIAC-TVClick HereCTVBritish ColumbiaAlexis CreekCanada11
CFRN-TV-4Click HereCTVAlbertaASHMONTCanada3
CFRN-TV-12Click HereCTVAlbertaATHABASCACanada3
CFCN-TV-2Click HereCTVAlbertaBANFFCanada36(36.1)
CKVRClick HereCTV TwoOntarioBarrieCanada9
CFDQ-TVClick HereCTVBritish ColumbiaBarriereCanada8
CKYB-TVClick HereCTVManitobaBRANDONCanada4
CJCH-TV-4Click HereCTVNova ScotiaBRIDGETOWNCanada5
CFCN-TV-3Click HereCTVAlbertaBROOKSCanada36(36.1)
CFCN-TV-4Click HereCTVAlbertaBURMISCanada36(36.1)
CJCH-TV-6Click HereCTVNova ScotiaCALEDONIACanada5
CFCNClick HereCTVAlbertaCalgaryCanada36(36.1)
CFCN-DTClick HereCTVAlbertaCALGARYCanada36(36.1)
CFCN-TV-14Click HereCTVAlbertaCANMORECanada36(36.1)
CJCH-TV-1Click HereCTVNova ScotiaCANNINGCanada5
CFCN-TV-18Click HereCTVAlbertaCOLEMANCanada36(36.1)
CKCK-TV-1Click HereCTVSaskatchewanCOLGATECanada2
CJOH-TV-8Click HereCTVOntarioCORNWALLCanada13(13.1)
CKYD-TVClick HereCTVManitobaDAUPHINCanada12
CJOH-TV-6Click HereCTVOntarioDESERONTOCanada13(13.1)
CFCN-TV-1Click HereCTVAlbertaDRUMHELLERCanada36(36.1)
CFCN-TV-6Click HereCTVAlbertaDRUMHELLERCanada36(36.1)
CFRNClick HereCTVAlbertaEdmontonCanada3
CFRN-DTClick HereCTVAlbertaEDMONTONCanada3
CKYF-TVClick HereCTVManitobaFLIN FLONCanada13
CJCHClick HereCTVNova ScotiaHalifaxCanada5
CJCH-DTClick HereCTVNova ScotiaHALIFAXCanada5
CFRN-TV-11Click HereCTVAlbertaJASPERCanada3
CHKM-TVClick HereCTVBritish ColumbiaKamloopsCanada6
CKCO-DTClick HereCTVOntarioKITCHENERCanada13
CFCN-DT-5Click HereCTVAlbertaLETHBRIDGECanada36(36.1)
CFIB-TVClick HereCTVBritish ColumbiaLittle FortCanada7
CH2047Click HereCTVBritish ColumbiaLoon LakeCanada12
CFRN-TV-7Click HereCTVAlbertaLOUGHEEDCanada3
CJCH-TV-8Click HereCTVNova ScotiaMARINETTECanada5
CHLP-TVClick HereCTVBritish ColumbiaMcClureCanada5
CKCWClick HereCTVNew BrunswickMonctonCanada2
CKCW-DTClick HereCTVNew BrunswickMONCTONCanada2
CFCF-DTClick HereCTVQuébecMONTRALCanada12
CH4715Click HereCTVBritish ColumbiaNitinaht LakeCanada7
CJOH-DTClick HereCTVOntarioOTTAWACanada13(13.1)
CFCN-TV-16Click HereCTVAlbertaOYENCanada36(36.1)
CJOH-TV-47Click HereCTVOntarioPEMBROKECanada13(13.1)
CKCKClick HereCTVSaskatchewanReginaCanada2
CKCK-DTClick HereCTVSaskatchewanREGINACanada2
CHKL-TV-3Click HereCTVBritish ColumbiaRevelstokeCanada7
CKLTClick HereCTVNew BrunswickSaint JohnCanada9
CKCO-TV-3Click HereCTVOntarioSARNIACanada13
CFQCClick HereCTVSaskatchewanSaskatoonCanada8
CFQC-DTClick HereCTVSaskatchewanSASKATOONCanada8
CFSC-TV-1Click HereCTVBritish ColumbiaSavonaCanada13
CKYS-TVClick HereCTVManitobaSNOW LAKECanada11
CFQC-TV-1Click HereCTVSaskatchewanSTRANRAERCanada8
CICI-TVClick HereCTVOntarioSUDBURYCanada5
CKYP-TVClick HereCTVManitobaTHE PASCanada12
CJCH-TV-2Click HereCTVNova ScotiaTRUROCanada5
CKAM-TVClick HereCTVNew BrunswickUpsalquitchCanada12
CJCH-TV-3Click HereCTVNova ScotiaVALLEYCanada5
CIVT-DTClick HereCTVBritish ColumbiaVANCOUVERCanada33(32.1)
CFRN-TV-3Click HereCTVAlbertaWHITECOURTCanada3
CKCO-TV-2Click HereCTVOntarioWiartonCanada13
CKY-DTClick HereCTVManitobaWINNIPEGCanada7
CJCH-TV-7Click HereCTVNova ScotiaYARMOUTHCanada5
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