Highline TV Antenna

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Antena de TV de 50 Millas

La antena de TV Highline (Highline TV 50) es una Antena de TV Interior para áreas metropolitanas y suburbanas. La antena recibe señales de televisión de hasta 50 millas de distancia. Use el Mapa de Localización de Señales de Highline TV para encontrar transmisores de TV cercanos y obtenga una excelente señal en TV local GRATUITA con la Antena de TV Highline. Esta antena interior es ideal para recibir señales UHF y VHF. La instalación es muy fácil para esta antena de interior. Las antenas de interior de Highline TV vienen con un amplificador de señal para que veas si te ayuda a conseguir más canales.

¡Obtenga TV gratis hoy!

Las antenas de televisión de Highline le brindan TV digital en vivo gratis de sus afiliados locales, como ABCCBSFOXNBCPBSThe CWUnivisionTelemundo y más. Usa nuestro Localizador de Señal de TV para ver que canales obtienes.

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  • Disfrute de una recepción de alta definición de 1080p a través de tecnología de vanguardia de grado militar
  • Highline TV le proporcionará una antena operativa si está a 1 milla o 50 millas de un centro de transmisión
  • Recepción de doble banda - VHF/UHF


  • Mira las noticias locales y el clima
  • Ver deportes en vivo: béisbol, baloncesto, fútbol, artes marciales mixtas
  • Mira tus programas de televisión favoritos
  • Recibe hasta 50+ canales premium en HD


  • Configuración rápida y fácil de 5 minutos
  • Puede colocar la antena en cualquier lugar que sea conveniente. ¡Se incluye cinta adhesiva para que puedas enchufar y jugar rápidamente!
  • ¡Con un diseño conservador de 8.3 pulgadas por 4.7 pulgadas, la antena HighlineTV se ajusta perfectamente en casa, en la oficina o en su RV para viajes largos de verano!

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Dimensions12 × 12 × 2 in

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51 reviews for Highline TV Antenna

  1. Oscar

    This TV antenna is great! I live in Miami and I got 45 channels for Free!

  2. Melissa

    I’m so happy with this antenna. I’m getting 35 free channels. My cable is no more. THANK YOU HIGHLINE!!!!

  3. John

    The reception is amazing!

  4. Roberto

    The antenna is awesome ! It was shipped to me in 3 days and I got 48 channels. It let me watch football on Sunday and news every night. It’s all I really need now that I don’t have cable.

  5. Kenneth

    This works great I get 40 channels

  6. Dan

    Doesn’t work in my basement. Works great in my living room. I get so many channels

  7. Nick

    This was a good purchase. I’m saving about $50 a month

  8. Oscar

    I love it! - Oscar

  9. Alex B. Wilson

    Excellent antenna arrived in three days, and was up and running in minutes out of the box. Reception is strong, and what I can eat h is unparalleled.

  10. Melissa Gumley

    I get so many channels!! It’s awesome. 5 starrrrs.

  11. George

    This antenna was so essy to set up

  12. Alexander Pergament

    I never realized I was paying for channels that I could get for free!

  13. Tim

    I wish I got more channels but it works well regardless

  14. Gumin

    This antenna works great! I even got the UFC and Bellator fights on it from this past Saturday

  15. Aja

    The antenna works great. I get 40 channels I can watch and 10 more in Spanish

  16. Frank

    I get 30 channels it came in about 3 days.
    Happy I’m saving money.

  17. Chris

    Works great! Fast shipping

  18. Neil

    Lots of channels for free. Easy to set up. Fast shipping. Best damn antenna around.

  19. Hayden

    I’m happy I get enough channels that it helps me know my local weather and news

  20. Lisa Lopez

    Great antenna!!! I have so many things to watch

  21. Tamar

    Better deal and more channels than skylink antenna

  22. David Mounds

    With this antenna and sling TV I save about $100 a month I just pay $60 a month for FiOS

  23. Nina Halls

    So glad that I cancelled Comcast. My savings is insane. I get what I need with this and Netflix

  24. Khalifa

    Best antenna by far I’ve purchased. Highly recommend it to anyone.

  25. Kay

    This antenna has Amazing quality highly recommend purchasing it!

  26. Alex

    Amazing product. Exceeded my expectations. Would purchase again 10/10

  27. Olivia

    So happy I still get ABC and all the other channels. I wish it came in gray

  28. Homer

    Came just in time for Christmas. So easy to hookup

  29. Maria Munoz

    Great for my TV in my kitchen. The Comcast wanted an extra $50 a month to connect it

  30. John B

    I only get local channels no HBO or Stars

  31. Jeff

    Doesn’t work in my basement I had to install it in my bedroom

  32. Kevin

    So much better than the rabbit ears I had. I get about 20 more channels

  33. Paul N

    I never knew how many channels there are for free. Awesome antenna

  34. Brian

    Great antenna. Gives me all the channels I need.Get to watch football in HD.

  35. Quinn

    Dam this antenna rocks it!!!

  36. Greg

    Great deal for free TV

  37. Fran

    Savings is amazing. I cancelled CoX and just have internet and this. Amazing

  38. Allison

    Easy set up and a great deal

  39. Cassie

    Happy with how clear the HD is.

  40. Roberta

    Very good for my needs

  41. Brian

    Love it enough TV for me. I even get Sunday football!!!

  42. Evelyn

    Don’t know why I waited so long to get rid of Cox

  43. Paul

    Great product! Sick of getting ripped off by cable companies!

  44. Blair

    LOVE this antenna! Love it so much I bought it for my sisters for Christmas!

  45. Jason kipp

    I was skeptical but it works as advertised!

  46. Katie

    I had no idea I could get so many channels for such a savings! No more paying the cable company. Works great!

  47. Ryan

    Bought for the holidays (Self gift) and has been working amazingly - better than expected as mine picked up more channels than I thought it would - highly recommend

  48. Farhad Khan

    Tons of great channels, I cancelled my cable subscription after the first day!

  49. James

    I got this antennae and cut the cord. Saving money everyday AND I have all the TV programming that I want. WINNING!!

  50. James S.

    Bough this and cut the cord. Now I’m saving money everyday AND getting all my channels… WINNING!!

  51. Kyle Kennedy

    Great product. Works great, as advertised! Thank you.

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